Friday, June 27, 2008

David Snider Requesting Legal Assistance

I am looking for legal help researching, drafting and editing of motions. I need a person or persons knowledgable in Oregon Criminal Law to help with the above. The trial is for the charge of Using, storing and/or diverting "the states water" (which is on my ranch). It is a class B misdemeamor. The trial date is Aug 26-27 2008. The land in question was passed into private ownership by patent. I am not now nor would I ever deny or block the water from or to my neighbors that would damage them. The issues are Constitutional (interferering with the obligation of contracts and expos facto law Article I section 10 ). The judge has not responded to my motions with fact, law or evidence only opinion and is claiming he will not allow the Constitutional issues to be presented before the jury and is setting the trial for a 6 person jury without regard to my written and oral objections. The search warrant and evidence were gathered illegally.I have serious health problems which are part of the reason for my request. Please contact me if you meet the above requirements.

David Kay Snider

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Swiss Army said...

research Winston Shrout's stuff. You may be much better off going in the direction of applying the 1099 OID process on those thugs up there! This is a friendly process and is based on HJR 192's BK of the USA in today's credit system. Courts are Banks, your case number created at least three (3) different bonds they can hypothecate, fractionalize and make money off on. If you don't understand the commercial process, they will keep hurting you. Let's delete the old stuff on the hard drive and start new with information that makes sense. I'm so impressed on the 1099 OID process, I can't stand it!

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"The truth is... we live in a very complicated commercial world. A world so misunderstood and confusing, it's easy for people to get into trouble without knowing how or why. My goal is to help folks understand how commerce really works, so that they have the knowledge and the confidence to safely navigate through the commercial maze." by Winston Shrout

call me David and I will share with you a contact that can help you get it done with you........

I love you my brother,